Thank you for joining us at RE•MIX 2k21. See you again soon! Check out highlights from the festival in the video below!

About RE•MIX

Culture undergoes a makeover at RE·MIX 2k21! At this festival for youths by youths, discover fresh takes on our Chinese Singaporean culture through fun on-site and online activities. 'Gram and learn more about love with the visually-stunning installations at the All Walks of Love exhibition; gather your friends and solve mysteries at our immersive escape game; and find out how our young designers did to "wear" our Chinese Singaporean culture at the inaugural Fashion Design competition! Music-lovers can revel in Mandopop tunes at an upsized TGIF RE•MIX Music Station featuring Taiwan's EggPlantEgg, local acts such as Qiu Feng Ze x Cai Zi, AL4HA and The Fleurist; or dance the night away at our themed silent music parties. Catch the best dance moves at RE•MIX the dance livestream, and round up your RE.MIX experience with a night of laughter with the SGAG crew. Remix and rediscover your Chinese Singaporean identity today!

Can I interest you in…

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RE•MIX the Dance: Competition and Livestream

SGAG Night ‘Live’ @ RE•MIX

TGIF RE•MIX Music Station: SCCC x YES 933

The Art of Cute Doodling Online Workshop

Fashion Illustration Online Workshop

Chop! Chop! Rubber Stamp Carving Online Workshop

RE•MIX Silent Music Party

All Walks of Love